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T21RS Science & Society Bulletin

The T21RS Committee for Science & Society regularly addresses issues raised by parents and Down syndrome associations through summarizing the state-of-the-art knowledge from a scientific perspective. The Committee for Science & Society is strongly committed to introduce scientific research and explain recent findings in an understandable way. Several times per year, the Committee provides collaborating Down syndrome assocations/foundations with the T21RS Science & Society Bulletin.

The bulletins are written in easy English and are freely available for all associations or foundations that agree upon the following:

  1. Mutual presentation of logos: displaying the T21RS logo (+link) on the association's website, and T21RS will put your logo (+link) on the Science & Society section. Please send us your link and logo in PNG format.

  2. You can use the Bulletin for your website, newsletters and/or paper magazines, as long as you acknowledge authorship of the Committee for Science & Society and you don’t change the content.

  3. You can translate the T21RS Science & Society Bulletin to your local language, however, without changing the meaning of the text.



T21RS Science & Society Bulletin 2016 (1): Pain experience in adults with Down syndrome

T21RS Science & Society Bulletin 2016 (2): The challenge of discovering preventive therapies for intellectual disability in Down syndrome - could there be a breakthrough?



T21RS Science & Society Bulletin 2015 (1): Depression in Down syndrome - a big problem?

T21RS Science & Society Bulletin 2015 (2): Alzheimer's disease in adults with Down syndrome - a challenge



T21RS Science & Society Introduction