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All photos were made exclusively for T21RS. Further use and dissemination are prohibited, unless agreed upon by the T21RS Executive Board. T21RS members have full-access to a photo database and only they are allowed to use photos free of charge for academic purposes (posters, presentations, lectures etc.). Commercial use is not allowed.


Down participants

Wilma Goudbeek, Gerard Hollander, Christel Kanis, Rens van Keulen, Simone Zandbergen and Hannah Vahl working at the Zalkerveer day-care center for Intellectual Disabilities, 's-Heerenbroek, The Netherlands.

Informed photo consents have been obtained from all six participants and their family/caretakers (representatives).



Jaap Dekker, Zalkerveer day-care center for Intellectual Disabilities, 's-Heerenbroek, The Netherlands


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