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Membership options & annual membership fees

Full membership for researchers and clinicians *


Students (master students, PhD-students)

€ 40,-

Postdoctoral fellows

€ 80,-

Academic staff members / clinicians

€ 100,-



Association and Foundation


Associate member  **

€ 50,-

Free donations

As desired


* Individuals living and working in countries with low-income, low-middle income and upper-middle income economies (as defined by the Worldbank) receive a 50% discount on their T21RS membership fee. After selecting your home country (where you live and work), the discount is automatically provided. 

** An Associate Member is a member named by an Association or Foundation with an interest in research and/or health care related to Down syndrome, and with which the society wishes to enter into a relation that will benefit the aims of the society. An Associate Member pays an annual membership fee and is entitled to attend the General Assembly, but is not entitled to vote.