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2017 AAIC Meeting, London

F4-02 The Neurobiology of Alzheimer Disease in Down Syndrome: Challenges and Opportunities.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017: 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM, ExCeL London, N11-A

Participants: Co-Chairs; Elizabeth Fisher and William Mobley; Presenters: Andre Strydom, Michael Rafii, Maria Maccecchini, Frances Wiseman


Session Overview

Adults with Down Syndrome (DS) are at greatly increased risk for Alzheimer disease (AD), a clinical syndrome now referenced as ‘AD in DS’. Though the link between AD and DS was documented more than 40 years ago, until recently little attention was directed at exploring the genetic, cellular and clinical features of this disorder. New insights into the neurobiology of DS, especially studies of the cellular pathways that mediate neurodegeneration in DS models, have demonstrated important parallels for pathogenesis between AD and AD in DS. In turn, this has raised the possibility that studies in adult DS subjects could inform the neurobiology and treatment of AD in DS as well as the population in general. We will review new findings for the clinical manifestations of aging and AD in DS. The results of ongoing longitudinal studies will be discussed and the design of ongoing and future clinical trials will be reviewed. Finally, we will explore how recent findings in mouse models of AD in DS are providing insights into possible treatments for targeting pathogenetic mechanisms.