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Monserrat Trueta Outstanding Career Award

Supported by the Catalan Down syndrome Foundation (FCSD), T21RS is very proud to launch the Monserrat Trueta Outstanding Career Award. Montserrat Trueta was the founder of the FCSD, born out of a common interest, shared by parents and professionals alike, to gain a better understanding of Down Syndrome (DS) by supporting scientific research and doing practical work in the fields of education, psychology, medicine and welfare. From its very beginning, outstanding international scientists specialized in DS research, have provided the FCSD their valuable advice. Montserrat Trueta was also advocating to increase the funding of DS research, and she managed to persuade the Catalan Telethon to invest more than 2.352.669€. Due to this distinct pioneering spirit, the FCSD led and inspired by Montserrat Trueta is regarded as a reference.

This award recognises outstanding scientists in the field of Down syndrome, for their sustained and distinguished career, including groundbreaking scientific contributions, leadership, and mentoring. It also reflects the strong DS research Allianze that T21RS is building.

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