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Imaging techniques have been powerful to understand and follow the progress of disease in human but also in animal models. They offer the opportunity to characterize further the features with a wide variety of methods and they are almost translational, with most of them preliminary developed in human and adapted to animal models.

PATHBIO ( is an EU-funded ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance for “Precision Pathobiology for Disease Models”, including major European Universities, 5 European “Mouse clinics” for high-throughput phenotyping of mice, major mouse providers (Charles River, JAX, TCP), as well as associated partners worldwide (KMPC, APN, UATE, UCT). This Knowledge Alliance will provide courses and online teaching material for mouse embryology and anatomy, mouse pathology, and for mouse imaging.

This PATHBIO mouse master class has gathered together experts in the fields from Europe and abroad (see program attached). It will be a unique chance to understand the basic principles of several key methods from structural to functional imaging and to get an overview of the best practices including the 3’R rules to design scientific experiments.

Thus all the experts and the organisers of the courses are looking forward to discuss with you and show you how to take advantage of these imaging methods to answer your scientific questions, considering 3’R rules, ethics and animal welfare.

We aim to provide graduate, master's, PhD and postdoc students with basic and expert knowledge to imaging mouse models of human diseases. Registration is open and selection will be done on the basis of “first arrived first served” with a limited number of positions available.

Yann Herault


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