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LuMind, a T21RS Funding Sponsor, shares its webinars with us!

June 26, 2018: Pathways to Novel Cognition Targets with Potential to Help People with Down Syndrome with Dr. Craig Heller, PhD, Stanford University

May 31, 2018: A New Era for Alzheimer's Biomarkers in Down Syndrome - perspectives from the LonDowns Consortium and the DABNI initiative. Panelists - Dr. Andrew Strydom from Kings College UK and the LonDowns Consortium and Dr. Juan Fortea

April 25, 2018: Don't Let Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Get in the Way of Cognitive Potential! Panelists - Dr. Brian Skotko from the Mass General Hospital Down Syndrome Clinic and Dr. Christopher Hartnick from Mass Eye and Ear

March 20, 2018: What is White Matter and Why it Matters in Down Syndrome. Panelists - Dr. Tarik Haydar and Dr. Nadine Aziz from The Haydar Lab at Boston University.

February 20, 2018: Alzheimer's in Down Syndrome - Status of Progress and Hope for the Years Ahead. Panelist - Dr. William Mobley, University of California San Diego

January 30, 2018: New Down Syndrome Study - Infant Learning Through Objects. Panelists - Dr. Amy Needham, Vanderbilt University and Dr. Manderjit Kaur, Vanderbilt University