Nominations for T21RS President Elect

Call for Nominations for T21RS President Elect

T21RS is calling for nominations for our future President. Strong leadership is critical to the vitality of the T21RS, and this important position represents an exciting opportunity to help shape the future of the society, and grow membership. We are inviting members to help select colleagues for the nomination slate who are interested in becoming chief T21RS decision makers and leaders.

Term: Elected members serve Presidential roles in three phases. First, as President Elect they will have the opportunity to get familiar with the T21RS management for the first two years, Next, as President they will lead the Society and serve as voting member of the Executive Board during the third and fourth years. For the last two years of the term in office, they will act as Former President. The newly Elected and the Former President will participate in T21RS Executive Board meetings to provide essential guidance and continuity of leadership without the right to vote.

Qualifications: Only full members can nominate, vote or run for office. Self-nominations are welcomed. To nominate someone else, please check first the agreement of the nominee. Please send the name and email address of the nominee to, subject line: “Nomination”.

Include a bio sketch of 2 pages maximum showing evidence of leadership, professional activities and scholarship and a short description of the candidate’s qualifications, to be distributed to the members.

Nomination deadline: February 18, 2024

Election: The election for the President Elect for the years 2024-2026 , will proceed through an electronic ballot in the T21RS intranet (Membership Area) between Monday March 18 to Thursday March 28 of 2024. The winning candidate will serve as an officer of the T21RS and will participate in the Executive Committee after official announcement.

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