Mission and Values

Facilitate interaction
To facilitate the permanent interaction between researchers studying Down syndrome by means of our website, scientific meetings, publications in journals and the two-yearly T21RS International Conference
Establish common protocols
To establish common protocols both for basic research (animal model studies, stem cells studies) and translational research (biomarkers, clinical trials, cognitive assessment paradigms etc.)
Education and training of young researchers
To support the education and training of young researchers interested in Down syndrome in all stages of their careers, by providing training programs and grants to young scientists
To stimulate research on Down syndrome
Explain findings in
Down syndrome
To explain (recent) findings in Down syndrome studies to the general public and to inform legislators and other policymakers about new scientific knowledge and recent developments and their implications for public policy and society
Work together with Down syndrome associations
To promote the interaction between scientists and patient associations/foundations

T21RS Statement on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

T21RS has always aimed to improve the lives of all people with Down syndrome through research and improved knowledge regardless of gender, ethnicity, and age. We recognize that there are many parallels between the history of the disability movement and movements for civil rights across the world. Therefore, we see our position for a more inclusive and anti-discriminatory scientific society as an integral part of our mission. We would like to convey the message especially to those with whom we interact—study participants, patients, families, students and trainees and scientific leaders—that T21RS continues to stand for the core values of equality, diversity, and respect for all.