Privacy statement

T21RS was founded to promote basic and translational research on Down syndrome and to apply new scientific knowledge to develop improved treatments and cures.

Personal information
To register as a member, T21RS requests you to complete the registration form. Given the fact that the T21RS membership is personal, we ask both your private and your institutional contact details.

Which personal information is visible to others?
One of the core aims of T21RS is to facilitate interaction and collaboration between members (scientists/clinicians). As a member of T21RS, your name, position, institution, e-mail and telephone number(s) are therefore shown to all members in the protected T21RS Membership Environment, only accessible by other members after log-in using their e-mail address and password. Non-members cannot access this T21RS Membership Environment. Other personal data are not provided to anyone.

How can I check and change/update my personal information?
If you would like to check that your personal information is fully correct, please visit the ‘Edit your account’ section in the T21RS Membership Environment after log-in using your e-mail address and password. After log-in, you can update and edit your personal data here.

Does T21RS share/sell my personal information with third parties?
Apart from sharing member information with a number of third parties to ensure essential functioning of the society, T21RS does not share or sell any personal information with third parties (e.g. other societies/companies). For proper functioning of the society, T21RS uses its website, a payment system and a newsletter module. Therefore, the following companies have (in part) access to the membership data:

  • Payment operator Mollie to process the payment of your membership fee
  • ICT-company to host/maintain the website and maintain the membership registration system
  • Newsletter operator Mailchimp (e.g. name and e-mail address) to send newsletters to the membership.

Furthermore, we share our membership list and contact details with the company organizing our biannual T21RS International Conferences (this company should guarantee privacy and not spread/sell it further).

If you have any questions relating to our privacy statement, please contact our secretary or send an e-mail to our general mail address

Your personal options

  • If you would like to continue receiving information from T21RS, there is nothing you need to do.
  • If you would like to stop receiving information from T21RS, simply send an e-mail with the words STOP EMAILS in the subject line to
  • If you would like to stop receiving our monthly newsletter, simply ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of the newsletter.