Local chapter

T21RS local chapters are local community of scientists interested in Down syndrome research. Our local chapters in India, Latin America, China and Europe provide opportunities to educate and inform the public about the importance of Down syndrome research through outreach activities. Chapters host also outreach events such as Brain Awareness Week, World Down Syndrome Day, and more. T21RS Chapters are critical to the success of T21RS advocacy and membership.


The missions of local chapters:

  1. Organize meetings during off year for dissemination of scientific results and programs. Help members broaden their knowledge by hosting scientific lectures, poster sessions, and workshops.
  2. Announcement of local grant opportunities, announcement of local funded scientific programs, scientific reports for these funded programs, local clinical trials.
  3. Local lobbying advocacy activity. Chapters can host laboratory tours and invite local policymakers to see the benefits of research firsthand.
  4. Foster networking for students, academics, researchers, and other professionals to exchange information, research, and career opportunities and help expand T21RS membership.
  5. Provide opportunities for neuroscientists to educate and inform the public about.
  6. Already a T21RS chapter member? Start networking and sharing insights on our monthly newsletter.


Locate a chapter near you or start a new one!
If you are interested in the creation of a new local chapter, Please contact to sponsoring@t21rs.org