T21RS international conferences

T21RS biennial International Conference is instrumental in promoting scientific exchanges, maximizing resource use and defining the most promising research at the basic, translational and clinical levels. The rapid pace of progress that has taken place in the last few years demands effective communication between scientists and clinicians working in the field.


The 1st International Conference of the T21RS was held in Paris in June 2015 with the motto “Changing paradigms in Down syndrome” attracting scientists, clinicians and members of associations and foundations. The Second International Conference of the T21RS “Paving the way for therapy” was held in Chicago, June 8-11, 2017 and the Third, “Science for future Therapy” was held in Barcelona in June 6-9, 2019. In June 8-10 2021, it was hels the T21RS Virtual Conference using an online platform. Cutting edge results in neuroscience, neurology, model systems, psychology, cancer, and molecular and pharmacological approaches demonstrate the compelling interest and continuing advance in all aspects of understanding and ameliorating conditions associated with trisomy 21.

4th T21RS International Conference 2022

We are working on the organization of the next T21RS International conference that will be held in Long Beach, California on June 9-12 2022. Hope to see all of you there!

More information coming soon!