Montserrat Trueta Outstanding Career Award

Monserrat Trueta Outstanding Career Award
Fundació Catalana Síndrome de Down

Supported by the Catalan Down syndrome Foundation (FCSD; link), T21RS launched the Monserrat Trueta Outstanding Career Award last February. Montserrat Trueta was the founder of the FCSD, born out of a common interest, shared by parents and professionals alike, to gain a better understanding of Down Syndrome (DS) by supporting scientific research and doing practical work in the fields of education, psychology, medicine and welfare. From its very beginning, outstanding international scientists specialized in DS research, have provided the FCSD their valuable advice.

Montserrat Trueta was also advocating to increase the funding of DS research, and she managed to persuade the Catalan Telethon to invest more than 2.352.669€. Due to this distinct pioneering spirit, the FCSD led and inspired by Montserrat Trueta is regarded as a reference.

This award recognises outstanding scientists in the field of Down syndrome, for their sustained and distinguished career, including groundbreaking scientific contributions, leadership, and mentoring. It also reflects the strong DS research Allianze that T21RS is building.


This award recognizes scientists for their sustained and distinguished career, including outstanding scientific contributions, leadership, and mentoring. Candidates for this award should have been in the field for 15 or more years and made major contributions to our understanding of the pathophysiology of Down syndrome, with special emphasis in advances leading to therapy. The recipient must be able to attend the annual meeting to deliver a talk about his/her research.


Nominations (including self-nominations) must be made by a current T21RS member and will be reviewed by the Executive Board of T21RS. Members of this board will not be allowed to apply.

They should include:
– A CV
– A short (500 words) description of the nominee’s contributions
– Two letters of recommendation (each no more than 2 pages). Letter writers should address the nominee’s outstanding scientific contributions, leadership, and mentoring. Letters of recommendation from the lab of the nominee will not be accepted.
– The prize will include an honorarium of 6000€, generously provided by the Catalan Down Syndrome Foundation (FCSD). In addition, the recipient will receive free registration to the Annual Meeting of the FCSD where he/she will give a talk and receive their award.
– The winner will be announced during the T21RS International Conference.

Award Schedule

Nominations Open: December 4, 2023
Nominations Close: February 29, 2024
Recipient Announced: June 6, 2024 in Rome at T21RS conference

Stylianos Antonarakis

2019 Stylianos Antonarakis


In 2019 Prof. Stylianos Antonarakis was awarded, and received the prize at the 3rd International Conference of the T21RS (Barcelona).

“I am grateful and very honoured to receive the Montserrat Trueta Award for the research on Down syndrome in our laboratory. I wish to thank the members of the laboratory, the funding agencies that support our research and our numerous collaborators. I wish also to particularly thank the individuals with Down syndrome and their families for the confidence in medical research, their enthusiastic participation in the various projects. They are the source of encouragement and our true partners in understanding the condition, and eventually treat the various symptoms and signs.”