Sponsoring and membership committee

The Membership Committee provides strategic guidance on the development and implementation of T21RS programs and activities to increase value for the membership, with the goal of enhancing member value worldwide and moving people toward lifelong membership. Working with other committees, creating T21RS chapters, and in collaborative partnerships with other societies, the membership committee works to identify and serve the growing needs of members at various stages of their careers and to prioritize greater membership access.


   Maintain continuous interactions with our founding members

   Identify other sponsoring possibilities

   Expand the membership

   Develop local chapters



  • Development and implementation of programs and activities
  • Increase value for the global membership
  • Enhance year-round experiences for members worldwide
  • Organise local chapters


  • Negotiate (every five years) together with the T21RS president the renewal of agreements with founding members and main sponsors
  • Recruit other sponsors, charities, pharmaceutical companies
  • Ensure that benefits for sponsors are really delivered
  • Organize twice a year phone conferences with sponsors to improve collaborative links and social networks exchange and sharing of information
  • Sponsoring strategy for the biennial meeting