Job offers

Postdoctoral Research Assistant positionat theBlizard Institute, Queen Mary University of London, UK

The Nizetic lab is leading internationally in the establishment of cellular models of neurodevelopment, ageing and neurodegeneration, and their correction using small chemicals. The postholder will lead part of a project using hiPSC systems and cerebral organoids to substantially improve our understanding of the pathomechanisms of Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s dementia, and/or the design of hi-throughput chemical screening assays for phenotype correction. They will be taught the skills of generating cerebral organoids and 3D neuronal cultures and have access to additional hiPSC from patients clinically stratified for Alzheimer’s dementia and a range of genetic models of Alzheimer’s dementia.

We are looking for an ambitious and motivated candidate with a track record of accomplishment (either during the PhD studentship, or during a previous postdoctoral research) demonstrating ability in the field of cell/molecular biology. Experience with cell culture, characterization of cell phenotypes, or work with human embryonic stem cells or iPSC would be desirable, but proven skills in transcriptome and protein structure data mining/analysis would also be advantageous.

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