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Postdoctoral position in neuroscience in Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG)

The Cellular and Systems Neurobiology lab led by Dr Mara Dierssen at Center for Genomic Regulation  is looking for a junior postdoctoral researcher to work on Down syndrome comorbidities. The project is in the context the “GO-DS21” grant founded by the European Commission. The work of the candidate will be devoted to characterize brain mechanisms involved in obesity and intellectual disability comorbidities.

The position requires a candidate with high experience in electrophysiology with mouse brain slices and calcium imaging, as well as immunostaining and confocal imaging.

PhD position in the Department of Translational Medicine and Neurogenetics at the IGBMC. Strasbourg, France

Dr. Yann Herault’s lab is looking for a motivated student with a Master in Biology, Neurosciences or Genetics to join the team and work on a PhD project involving two genes, Cbs and Dyrk1a that are involved in DS cognitive deficits.

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Early Interventionist – Work w/ Infants/Toddlers & Families. Easterseals Northern California

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Professional Research Assistant University of Colorado – School of Medicine

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Postdoc Positions in Neuroscience. MRC-LMB, Cambridge, UK

Dr. Jing Ren’s lab will land in MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) at Cambridge, UK, in Jan 2020.There are two openings in the lab. 1) One will focus on revealing the molecular mechanisms underlying the circuitry formation of the serotonin system, by applying single-cell RNA sequencing, proteomic mapping, viral tracing, tissue clearing technology etc.. Candidates with strong molecular biology, biochemistry and bioinformatics background are highly encouraged. 2) The other will focus on investigating how genetic defects of the serotonin system induce psychiatrically relevant behaviours by combing ex vivo and in vivo imaging, electrophysiology recording, chemogenetics, optogenetics and etc.. Candidates with experience in calcium imaging, confocal/2P microscopy, and light sheeting imaging are highly encouraged.

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