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Membership terms & conditions

Upon successful payment, the new T21RS Member is registered in our system and will be provided with a (temporary) password for log-in in the T21RS Membership Environment. Membership is valid for one year (starting at the day of payment). After a year, the membership will expire. For membership continuation, you simply has to follow the instructions provided by e-mail shortly before the end of the membership period. That is, a message with a payment link will be shown in the T21RS Membership Environment. Clicking this link will automatically direct you to the payment module. Upon successful transfer, the T21RS Membership is extended.

If you do not want to continue your membership, you should inform the society at least four weeks before the end of the membership term ( If you did not inform the society about this at least four weeks before the end of the term, you will remains a member for the new year and you are due to pay the annual fee.

The official rules and regulations concernings T21RS Memberships are described in the T21RS Statutes, especially in the following articles:
Article 4: Membership
Article 5: Admission
Article 6: Termination of the membership
Article 7: Annual contributions. Obligations

Only Full Members (students, post-docs, academic staff members/clinicians) are entitled to vote in the General Assembly.