Researcher Parent Interaction session

Date: 19th January, 2020.

Venue: University of Calcutta. Department of Zoology. WB. India.

Summary of the program

An effective interactive session for parents of Down syndrome children was organised in this Sunday evening to sensitise the parents regarding the present status of research on Down syndrome. Researchers explained explicitly why participation of Down syndrome family members into the research activity is necessary. Researchers of Indian Chapter motivated parents of Down syndrome children to participate in the activities of T21RS Indian Chapter. On the other side, parents also participated in discussion and shared their experience on social challenges that they are facing in upbringing the Down syndrome children. They also expressed their interest in having an integrated unit of Down syndrome research and Down syndrome health care unit under the umbrella of T21RS Indian Chapter and University of Calcutta. The house came on agreement to establish such a heath care unit for Down syndrome children and discussed on possible financial support that can be explored for this most needed initiative.

Researcher Parent Interaction session