New Neuropathology Working Group

New T21RS Neuropathology Working Group

Description: The working group is focused on providing up to date information regarding cellular and molecular neuropathology studies in the DS and DS-AD space and availability of brain tissue samples for academic research. The working group will discuss ways to sustain and expand brain banking efforts within the USA and internationally in the field of DS. The working group will provide educational mentorship for students, postdoctoral trainees and junior faculty interested in learning methods associated with neuropathology of DS including the use of human brain tissues in their research studies. Finally, the working group together with the Program Committee will organize virtual and in person meetings focused on DS human brain tissue studies and coordinate publications describing the neuropathological staging of AD in DS and other neuropathological comorbidities that occur with aging in the population with DS.

Contact information:

If you are interested in joining the work group or to hear more about its’ work, please contact:

Lotta Granholm, Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, University of Colorado


Elliott Mufson, Professor, Director of the Alzheimer’s disease research laboratory at Barrow Neurological Institute