Europe Chapter



The European Chapter of T21 RS is a network of T21RS members of EU University and Institutions that aims to provide opportunities to foster collaboration, education and information about Down syndrome research. We believe that European members can grow as a community and through implementation of:

  1. Organization of Scientific meetings (lectures, workshop, etc.)
  2. Communication of grant opportunities, announcement of local funded scientific programs, scientific reports, local clinical trials.
  3. Promotion of Local lobbying advocacy activities. Contact stakeholders and invite them to visit research labs.
  4. Organization of activities that support networking for students, researchers, and other professionals to exchange information, research, and career opportunities and help expand T21RS membership.
  5. Inform policymakers at EU parliament and EU commission about the needs and advances of Down syndrome research
  6. Provide opportunities for scientists to disseminate novel findings, to educate and inform the public and parent’s associations either directly or through EDSA


European Local Chapter Activities

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EBRA consensus meeting, November 12th 10:30/12.45 AM



Marzia Pierluigi

Sapienza University of Rome


    Jean Delabar

    ICM Paris brain Institute, Paris (FR)

      Antonella Tramutola

      Sapienza University, Rome (IT)

        Eugenio Barone

        Sapienza University, Rome (IT)

        Eugenio Barone, is Associate Professor of Biochemistry at Sapienza University of Rome (IT). His research interest mainly focuses on understanding the link beteween defects of neurotrophic signaling and increased brain cells damage during ageing and neurodegeneration in DS.

          Fabio Di Domenico

          Sapienza University, Rome (IT)

            Yann Herault

            CNRS INSERM, Strasbourg (FR)

              Laura Cancedda

              Italian Institute of Technology, Genoa (IT)

                Vicky Puig

                IMIM, Barcelona (ES)

                  Frances Wiseman

                  University College London, London (UK)

                    Diego Real de Asua

                    Universidad Europea, Madrid (ES)

                      Jan Michael Schulz

                      University of Basel (CH)

                        Cristina Fasolato

                        University of Padoa (IT)

                          Diletta Valentini

                          Bambino Gesù Hospital, Rome (IT)

                            Maica Ortega

                            Fundación Jérôme Lejeune (FR)

                              Javier Zorrilla

                              ICM Paris Brain Institute, Paris (FR)

                                Maria Jose Barallobre

                                IBMP, Barcelona (ES)

                                  Maria Martinez de Lagran

                                  CRG, Barcelona (ES)

                                    Irene Roberts

                                    University of Oxoford (UK)

                                      Rafael de la Torre

                                      IMIM, Barcelona (ES)

                                        Guy Dembour

                                        Saint Luc UCL, Bruxelles (BE)

                                          Maria Carmona Iragui

                                          Hospital SANTPAU, Barcelona (ES)

                                            Angelo Carfi

                                            Policlinico Gemelli, Rome (IT)

                                              Renata Bartesaghi

                                              University of Bologna (IT)

                                                Mara Dierssen

                                                CRG, Barcelona (ES)

                                                  Marie Claude Potier

                                                  ICM Paris Brain Institute, Paris (FR)

                                                    Greetje Vandevelde

                                                    Imaging & Pathology Unit, KU Leuven (ND)

                                                      Damien Sanlaville

                                                      Hospices Civils de Lyon, Lyon (FR)